Bray Wyatt Faces His Demons, Uncle Howdy Arrives On SmackDown

Bray Wyatt talking

The evolution of Bray Wyatt continues, and once again an episode of Friday Night SmackDown ended with more questions than answers.

In the main event segment of the show, Wyatt came to the ring to a huge ovation from the crowd, and once again spoke from the heart. As fans chanted “welcome back” Wyatt said that hearing them made him want to do something crazy.

Bray Wyatt Gets Real

The star went on to say that he had to do some horrible things to get where he is, and there was a part of him that likes that he’s not afraid to do those things. Wyatt added that there will come a time when he has to face adversity again. However, before he could finish he was interrupted by a masked figure on the big screen.

The figure opened by saying they were the “ghost of the man who sold the word,” before saying that “you sent him away.” “Him” meaning The Fiend. The figure added that this is why Wyatt is just a shell, before calling him a liar. The mystery man (Uncle Howdy) said that Wyatt claimed to no longer wear a mask, but they both know that to not be true, adding that he could see him, and Wyatt would never be able to hide from his Uncle Howdy.

There was also a QR code flashed up on the screen which took fans to a picture of Bray Wyatt with his eyes crossed out and the word “liar” scrawled across it multiple times.

It has recently been reported that Bray Wyatt has become WWE number one merchandise seller ahead of The Bloodline. Furthermore, he is now listed internally as the number one babyface on SmackDown. This led to suggestions that he could be line for a huge showdown with Roman Reigns. However, a fresh update said that such claims were false and that WWE had learned from their mistakes when it came to Wyatt’s presentation and booking.