Bray Wyatt Shares Cryptic Update As WWE Return Rumours Continue

Bray Wyatt

Has Bray Wyatt just dropped another hint that he could be on his way back to WWE?

Even while he was with WWE Bray Wyatt was never shy about sharing a cryptic post on social media or dropping abstract clues into his promos for fans to follow.

This all played into Wyatt’s mystique, no matter which iteration of his character that he was playing, and ensured he always enjoyed substantial fan support. Incredibly, the support has continued despite the star not appearing in WWE for well over a year.

However, with a number of teases being shared across WWE television, coupled with Wyatt being pictured training, many believe that the former World Champion will be back in the very near future.

In typical Bray Wyatt style the star has now added more fuel to the fire of speculation by changing his Twitter bio. The message now reads “A villain is just a victim from a different story.” While fans scramble to work out what the quote may mean, some have pointed towards it’s similarity to a line from The Land of Stories by Chris Colfer – “What the world fails to realize is that a villain is just a victim whose story hasn’t been told.”

Furthermore, the theme song for Extreme Rules 2022 is titled “Villain.”

It had previously been reported that the person behind the teases will be revealed at WWE Extreme Rules on October 8th. The report also states that the mastermind will indeed prove to be Bray Wyatt.

On October 4th it was noted that WWE hired Rob Fee as Director of Long-Term Creative. Fee has previous links with Wyatt and has worked on the QR code teases.