Bray Wyatt Confronted By LA Knight On SmackDown, Feud Set To Continue

Bray Wyatt talking

On the November 11th edition of Friday Night SmackDown LA Knight clashed backstage with Bray Wyatt. Despite his confidence, the segment ended with Knight laid out following a headbutt from the newly returned star.

Fast forward to November 18th and Wyatt came to the ring to apologise to LA Knight for what happened the previous week, and to explain his actions.

LA Knight Slaps Bray Wyatt

After making his slow and purposeful entrance, Bray Wyatt said that he had been conditioned to act a certain way and that he believed change was impossible. He was conditioned to be strong and only only to take, while being taught that fear is respect.

Wyatt continued saying that he had looked back at the path that he had left behind, and it was covered in ash and blood. This led him to question why he acts the way that he does and whether he can really change.

The star said that if he was LA Knight he knows how he would handle the situation and that made him sad. So instead he apologised to Knight for a moment of weakness, and for straying from his new path. Comments that were met with huge boos from the crowd.

This brought out LA Knight who described Wyatt’s headbutt as the “cheap shot heard around the world.” Knight said that his lack of fear had appeared to earn Wyatt’s respect, something “more valuable than the dollar.” Knight added that no one has ever understood him, before slapping Wyatt, running away and declaring that he accepted his apology.

With Knight on the ring apron, Wyatt said that he was fighting his urges to respond, and tells his new rival that his next decision will change his life. Wyatt extended his hand, but Knight slapped him again. The segment ended with Wyatt staring a hole through the former Max Dupri.

Later in the show, Knight was shown laid out backstage underneath piles of chairs and barrels. This was just after he cut a short promo running down Wyatt again, during the interview, a mask could be seen in the darkness behind him.