Bray Wyatt Comments On Passing Of The Torch Moment With The Undertaker At WWE Raw 30

Bray Wyatt & The Undertaker

For many fans, Bray Wyatt was always seen as the ‘next Undertaker.’

Although ‘Taker spent years adapting and changing his character, he’s best remembered as ‘The Deadman.’ His spooky performances enthralled fans and there was arguably no one more committed to their character than Mark Callaway.

This meant that as he began to wind down his career, fans looked toward who could fill that supernatural void. Step forward, Bray Wyatt. He blended elements of the supernatural into his character and often cut promos in riddles, seemingly always hinting at an as-yet unrevealed bigger picture.

Eventually, the two met in the ring at WrestleMania 31, but for many, the match and feud underdelivered due to a whole host of circumstances. As a result, when The Undertaker and Wyatt shared a moment in the ring at Raw 30, it set social media on fire.

The fact that The Undertaker whispered something unheard by fans into Wyatt’s ear during the segment has only further added to the mystique.

Bray Wyatt Reflects On Special Raw Moment

Speaking at the post-Royal Rumble press conference, Wyatt was asked about this ‘passing of the torch’ moment. The star discussed the importance of the moment but refused to be drawn on what was said in the ring.

“It’s the kinda thing that only I get to have, you know? It’s something for me, it’s something for my children to see down the line, you know? It’s just like a gratification. Something for all of your hard work and all of the years you’ve been compared to him even though you didn’t ask for it. I think everyone in the world finally understands that I’m never gonna be him. I never tried to be him. Why would anyone be him? He’s the only Undertaker.”

Wyatt added that The Undertaker has served as something of a mentor previously, commenting on the personal nature of their interaction.

“It’s a powerful moment man. However it lives on in wrestling history, I don’t care, because it was for me.”

At the Royal Rumble, Bray Wyatt defeated LA Knight in the Mountain Dew Pitch Black Match.

H/t to Wrestling Inc