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Bray Wyatt Shares Behind-The-Scenes Wyatt Family Photo

The Fiend Bray Wyatt holding his face

Former WWE Superstar Windham Rotunda (better known as Bray Wyatt) recently shared a throwback photo to his days as ‘The Fiend’.

Donning the popular, horror-themed mask, Wyatt can be seen hanging out with former Wyatt Family cohorts Erick Rowan (now known as Erick Redbeard) and the late Brodie Lee (aka Luke Harper). At a glance, one would assume it was a simple reunion picture between three long-time colleagues and friends.

However, upon closer inspection, none other than ‘The Tribal Chief’ himself, Roman Reigns, is photobombing the shot. For fans accustomed to his gritty, harsh heel persona, the comical pose he’s striking will no doubt prove to be jarring.

Bray Wyatt posted it to his Instagram, commenting:

I just found this picture. I didn’t know I had it, but it really made me smile. I hope it does the same for some of you. #goodbyeforever

In late 2019, rumours abounded of a potential Reigns vs. ‘The Fiend’ clash at WrestleMania 36. Wyatt’s reboot as the split-personality Fiend character had been a huge hit and Reigns was coming off a feud with Rowan and Harper. This photo’s presumably from fall 2019 when the Reigns vs. Rowan angle was coming to an end and ‘The Big Dog’ was gearing up for a major 2020 push.

For Bray Wyatt, the first signs of trouble before his shock exit last year became apparent as 2020’s WrestleMania season blew in. Goldberg, fresh off his infamous 2019 feuds with The Undertaker and Dolph Ziggler, was pencilled in to terminate ‘The Fiend’s undefeated streak and Universal Title run.

What followed was a year of booking that many felt sullied much of the heat Bray Wyatt had successfully built up in 2019. For Reigns, this photo serves as a reminder now of how drastically he has changed his WWE image and persona since returning in the summer of 2020. As two wrestlers tipped to be leading stars of their generation, Wyatt and Reigns have wound up on drastically different paths in sports entertainment.