Bray Wyatt Becomes Uncle Howdy At WWE Live Event

Bray Wyatt on the mic

Bray Wyatt may have returned to WWE back in October, but mystery still surrounds his every move.

Although the star defeated LA Knight in his first televised match back at the Royal Rumble, it still appears that there’s a bigger story at play. Something which has both intrigued and infuriated WWE’s fanbase in equal measure.

At the Royal Rumble Wyatt made short work of his rival before things took a very strange twist. The star retreated to the corner of the ring and donned a new mask before chasing, slowly, LA Knight up the entrance ramp towards a platform. Here, Wyatt laid him out with a Mandible Claw before Uncle Howdy appeared on a ledge above. As Wyatt watched on, Howdy launched himself onto Knight and the pair disappeared into a pit of flames.

Are Bray Wyatt And Uncle Howdy Working Together?

This was followed on SmackDown by a short vignette where Wyatt was shown in his rocking chair, before being joined by Howdy as the camera cut away. The two segments hinted that the two characters might now be allies rather than enemies.

Another hint came at a live event on February 4th in Columbus, Georgia. Wyatt was due to take on LA Knight again, but this time made his entrance wearing an Uncle Howdy mask.

The 2023 Royal Rumble also saw the return of Pat McAfee to the announce desk. However, it seems that the excitable commentator hadn’t been keeping much of a close eye on Friday Night SmackDown during his absence. Speaking after the show, Michael Cole recalled having to frantically explain to McAfee who Uncle Howdy was while the show was on the air.

Uncle Howdy has also been appearing on Raw in recent weeks, seemingly in an effort to recruit Alexa Bliss.