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Braun Strowman Was Originally Meant To Win The Universal Title In 2018

Brock Lesnar & Braun Strowman

Former WWE Writer Kazeem Famuyide has revealed that Braun Strowman was originally meant to win the Universal Title at WWE Crown Jewel in 2018.

Throughout the summer of 2018, Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar and Braun Strowman were locked in a heated feud over the Universal Title. Reigns won the championship from Lesnar at SummerSlam, ending The Beast’s monster reign at 503 days.

As the rivalry continued the trio were booked to face each other in a Triple Threat Match at WWE Crown Jewel in early November. However, on October 22nd Reigns was forced to vacate the title after revealing that his Leukaemia had returned, meaning he was going on hiatus to undergo treatment.

With the title now declared vacant, a one on one match between Strowman and Lesnar was scheduled for Crown Jewel. Following a pre-match attack by Baron Corbin, Lesnar delivered five F5’s to Strowman to pick up the win.

However, it’s now come to light that originally that was never the plan.

Speaking on Say Less with Kaz, Lowkey and Rosy, former WWE writer Kazeem Famuyide explained that Strowman was initially set to win. Adding that the following RAW which would see The Monster Among Men appear as champion, was written and ready to go before the late switch.

“There was one time where we all thought a match was going — this was — man, f*ck it, I’m not working there anymore. It was in Saudi [Crown Jewel 2018] and Braun [Strowman] was supposed to beat Brock [Lesnar]. This is right after Roman [Reigns] announced he had cancer, right? So, Brock and Braun was supposed to fight for the world title and we had a whole Monday Night Raw written with Braun Strowman as champion and then sike, Brock Lesnar wins and then as soon as Brock wins, we all had to go back into the office, rewrite the whole show and I just thought it was some sh*t where it’s just like oh, they’re just kind of keeping us on the D.L. [down low], whatever but I didn’t know they could change like [that].”

Braun Strowman would have to wait nearly 18 months before finally getting his hands on the title, defeating Goldberg at WrestleMania 36.

WWE is famous for re-writing shows at the last minute, but sometimes the decisions are taken out of their hands. Speaking in a new interview, Strowman himself lifted the lid on a series of last minute changes to RAW. The Monster Among Men described how injury and illness before a recent episode, led to him wrestling three times on a chaotic show.

H/t to POST Wrestling for the transcription.