Braun Strowman Takes Shot At Parker Boudreaux

Parker Boudreaux

Parker Boudreaux is the talk of the WWE Universe, but Braun Strowman has hit back to a tweet suggesting the two are Mania bound.

The ‘Destroyer of Gods‘ Parker Boudreaux is causing a stir in the WWE Universe before taking a step in the ring – Braun Strowman the latest to comment when one user on Twitter proposed that Strowman v Boudreaux is WrestleMania worthy.

Playing down the threat, Strowman jokingly suggests that he is the ONLY big thing, which is a shot at Parker’s former alias as the ‘next big thing’ before he recently changed it to the ‘Destroyer of Gods’.

WrestleMania…???? LOL call me if he figures out how to even put laces in his boots. #IAmTheOnlyBigThing

Braun Strowman has only recently returned to WWE TV, In a backstage segment this week he confronted WWE official Adam Pearce and sent out a warning to Shane McMahon. This perhaps is more of an indicator for Braun’s Mania journey, but the threat of the incoming Boudreaux is certainly fascinating.

Parker recently updated his Twitter feed with multiple new photos and a teaser trailer for what the WWE Universe could expect once he does in fact lace up his boots.

Heavily active on Twitter, Parker has been retweeting almost all endorsements of him, it will be interesting to see where and how the WWE showcase him – but the anticipation is high for the former American football star.

With a few WWE stars now commenting on his imminent arrival – we wait on bated breath to see who will be the first one to step up to the ‘Destroyer of Gods’, Parker Boudreaux.