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Braun Strowman Pitched Raw Underground Appearance To Boost Ratings

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Braun Strowman has spoken out about pitching the idea for WWE to use him on Raw Underground in order to boost ratings.

As a part of the Friday Night SmackDown roster at the time, it was unusual to see ‘The Monster Among Men’ appear on Raw Underground in order to face off against the destructive, Dabba Kato. However, as the former WWE Universal Champion has explained, it was all his idea.

Speaking to Sports Illustrated, Strowman orated that he believed he was the man to boost viewing figures for the third hour of Raw and talked about how his temporary switch came about:

“The third hour of Raw sometimes falls off with ratings, so I pitched an idea to bring ‘The Monster Among Men’ to Raw Underground. It’s so easy now to watch parts of the show on social media after it happens, but my goal is to get people to watch our live product. That’s a huge factor why I went to Raw, which is where I made a name for myself.”

The temporary move became a permanent one for the colossus when he became a member of the red brand during the 2020 WWE Draft.

Since arriving back on Monday’s as a full-time performer, Braun Strowman has taken up arms against Keith Lee and has earned his spot on the men’s Team Raw Survivor Series squad which also comprises of AJ Styles, Keith Lee, Sheamus and Riddle.