Braun Strowman Recalls Brock Lesnar Legitimately Punching Him After Accidentally Stiffing The Beast

Brock Lesnar Braun Strowman

Imagine getting punched in the face by Brock Lesnar.

Few men would be left standing after being struck by The Beast, but what about a monster? Braun Strowman put this to the test during a match against Lesnar back in 2018.

Brock Lesnar Defended The Universal Championship At The 2018 Royal Rumble

At the time the incident took place, Lesnar was the reigning and defending Universal Champion in WWE, and would put the title on the line in a Triple Threat match against both Strowman and Kane.

Shortly after the opening bell rang, Strowman would run wild, knocking both Lesnar and Kane down to the mat. The former Universal Champion delivered a knee to the jaw of Lesnar, which only angered The Beast. Lesnar would deliver a receipt to Strowman, striking The Monster full force in the jaw.

Five years later and the strike from the former UFC Heavyweight Champion is still talked about to this day. Braun Strowman was proud of the fact that he managed to remain conscious after being the recipient of the devastating right hand.

Speaking with BT Sport, Strowman believes he did something right as a result of the in-ring altercation:

“I pat myself on the back, I think I’m the only person in history to take an overhand right from Brock Lesnar and not get knocked out. Anytime you get in the ring with The Beast and mix it up, the bigger the challenge the better. If you’re not wrestling the best, then who’d you beat?”

Brock Lesnar would win the match and went on to WrestleMania 34 to defend the Universal Championship against Roman Reigns in the main event. Lesnar would retain the title once again, eventually losing the title to Reigns at the 2018 SummerSlam event after a 504 day reign.

H/t to Sportskeeda for the use of transcription.