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Braun Strowman – “Let’s Be Real: Shane’s A Lunatic”

Shane McMahon & Braun Strowman

After defeating Shane McMahon in a chaotic Cage Match at WrestleMania 37, Braun Strowman has confirmed what wresting fans have always suspected; “Shane’s a lunatic.”

From the moment that Shane McMahon first began to compete inside a WWE ring, he’s seemingly been searching for things to jump off ever since.

The daredevil has thrown himself from the top of Hell In A Cell more than once, crashed through tables and jumped from the top of stages. Then at WrestleMania Braun Strowman threw McMahon from the top of a steel cage. In short, Shane McMahon has spent the last 20 years, jumping, falling, crashing and being thrown from the highest structures WWE has to offer.

Reflecting on WrestleMania 37 with Bleacher Report, Strowman said that the pair had been wanting to work together for years, revealing that they enjoy a very good relationship.

“It was a seed that had been planted for a while… Shane and I have wanted to do one for quite a few years now. Behind the scenes, we have a very good relationship, and let’s be real: Shane’s a lunatic. That works great with my style because I don’t go out there and think about anything. I just do it. It ended up working out well.”

At WrestleMania Backlash Strowman once again challenges for the WWE Championship. Ahead of his meeting with Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley, the former Universal Champion said that his adversaries have pushed him like no one else.

“Bobby and Drew have been able to bring even more of a monster out of me than anybody else has in the past,” he said. “I know what they’re capable of. I know how devastating both of them can be with the Claymore and The Hurt Lock. Unfortunately, I’ve been on the receiving end of both of them, and I don’t look to end up that way this time… It’s King Kong meets Godzilla meets The Incredible Hulk.”

“On any given day, they have pushed me to the limits,” Strowman said. “They are both very, very dominant, dominant athletes. I won’t give either one of them an inch. [As far as] who’s stronger and who’s badder. They’re both badasses. Let’s be real.”

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