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Brandi Rhodes Responds To Comments On AEW Heels Subscription

AEW Heels

Brandi Rhodes has responded to users on Twitter who are complaining about the cost to join the AEW Heels community.

When asked by one user, “If it’s such an amazing community and full of great people, why is there even a charge?” Brandi replied, pointing out that the community is not free to run nor is it uncommon for fan clubs in general to have fees.

It’s not free to run an online community. There are hefty monthly fees to run it, moderate it, and host it. All questions that were answered in the beginning. Fan clubs have yearly fees for this reason. All of them.

Even with the almost always positive response, Brandi (& AEW Heels) are still facing backlash from some fans who claim that the cost to become a member discourages people from joining – Brandi is quick to quell these suggestions also.

STILL seeing men claiming @AEW_Heels is $50 a month to discourage others. It’s $50 A YEAR, and loved by its nearly 500 current members. Its an amazing community full of great people and it continues to grow because it is what it promises to be 🙂

So what is AEW Heels? Simply put, it’s a community for women who love wrestling. A female-forward movement designed to celebrate & inspire female fans around the world.

AEW Heels‘ benefits include monthly Zoom hangouts, game nights, Q&A’s, makeup tutorials, giveaways and more – needless to say, there are plenty of reasons for people to want to be a part of what Brandi and co are building.