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Brandi Rhodes Reportedly Not WWE Bound

Brandi Rhodes

A new report has suggested that Brandi Rhodes will not be signing with WWE any time soon.

Following the shock departures of Cody and Brandi Rhodes from AEW on February 15th, speculation has been running wild over where the couple may end up next.

While it was immediately reported that WWE and were in talks about bringing Cody back to the company where he began his career, the situation has been a little less clear regarding Brandi. Although she has worked for the company in the past, it is currently Cody who is seen as the bigger in-ring star.

To this end is has now been reported that Brandi Rhodes is not expected to join her husband in WWE. However, the report from Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated notes that this doesn’t necessarily mean that her career is over, as she has spoken about winning a World Championship in recent times.

“Per multiple sources, Brandi Rhodes is not expected to join her husband in WWE. This is not to imply her wrestling career is over, as Rhodes just revealed to SI that she is determined to win championship gold in wrestling. Obviously, that won’t happen any time soon in AEW, but she could still wrestle elsewhere. And after working as AEW’s chief brand officer, the talented Rhodes will continue to find success wherever she goes.”

Brandi Rhodes last appeared on AEW television on February 2nd where she again battled on the microphone with Dan Lambert before being confronted by Paige VanZant.

The same Sports Illustrated report suggests that Cody Rhodes could begin work with WWE as soon as this weekend.