Brandi Rhodes Encouraged Cody Rhodes To Wrestle Despite Torn Pec

Cody Rhodes and Brandi Rhodes at home

Brandi Rhodes believed Cody could persevere through a torn pec.

The former AEW Chief Branding Officer spoke with Chris Van Vliet about the memorable moment that went down at Hell In A Cell 2022 when Cody Rhodes wrestled Seth Rollins with a severly bruised torn pectoral. When “The American Nightmare” broke the news to Brandi, she thought it was something much worse.

“So it’s so disappointing on my part because he called and he said to me, ‘Don’t panic.’ And immediately I thought the baby fell, something happened there at the hospital. So I went, ‘Oh my God, what? Just tell me, just tell me.’ He goes, ‘I think I tore my pec,’ and I said, ‘Oh, thank God. You’ll be fine! The baby though!’ Then, of course, I was like, ‘Did you really tear it? Are you sure you know?’ And yeah, he had torn it.”

Brandi Rhodes: ‘I Was The Person That Wanted Him To’

Van Vliet initially believed that Brandi Rhodes may have dissuaded her husband from still stepping into the cell against Rollins, but it was quite the opposite.

“I was that person that wanted him to. And I did check with Doc Amann, to make sure that I was giving sound advice because I was like, ‘Well, if nothing really worse can come of the situation, if you feel okay with it, then I’m giving my blessing too.’ So yeah, I mean, I was a performer. So I know I know the feeling like if you can, you want to make it happen and those people are counting on you. And you know, people bought tickets for the show, to see the main event with Cody and Seth. So yeah, if you can do it, do it.”

Brandi, like her husband, knows all about the road to recovery. She recently revealed that she’s retired from the ring, but she’d be opening her own yoga and Pilates studio, citing that a big inspiration was her battle wirh post-martum depression and anxiety following the birth of their daughter, Liberty.