Brandi Rhodes Confirms “Anticlimactic” In-Ring Retirement

Brandi Rhodes

Brandi Rhodes won’t be joining Cody Rhodes in a WWE ring.

Since re-joining WWE in early 2022, Cody Rhodes has established himself as one of the biggest stars in the wrestling world. However, his wife Brandi is yet to appear for the company, at least in person.

This has come as a surprise to some, especially given her spells with the company previously and her in-ring career in AEW. While Brandi Rhodes has previously left the door open for a return to the ring, she has now admitted she’s retired.

During an interview with Chris Van Vliet, she discussed her anticlimactic retirement, and why she chose not to return to life on the road with a small child like Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins.

“You know, not as an active competitor. For sure. [You’ve retired as a wrestler?] Yeah, I mean, it was really anticlimactic. But yes, I did. I just said you know what? Okay, well, we are either gonna do this the Becky Lynch, you know, Seth Rollins way. And they are amazing for doing it, because I can’t. It just was too hard, well not too hard, but just something that I just didn’t think would be the best for the family.

So, you know, we’ve gone a different route, and I’ve started business ventures on my own and he’s doing his thing and we’re just doing a couple of different things.”

When Did Brandi Rhodes Last Wrestle?

Brandi Rhodes wrestled on a number of occasions in 2020 but later put her career on hold due to the birth of her daughter Liberty. The star eventually returned to the ring in late 2021, wrestling a number of matches that were broadcast on AEW Dark. Her final match aired on the January 26th episode of the show.

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