“He’s Booking Like A 14-Year-Old” – Eric Bischoff On Tony Khan

AEW President Tony Khan

Eric Bischoff has reignited his war of words with Tony Khan, this time claiming that the AEW President books “like a 14-year-old”.

Over the last few months, Eric Bischoff has taken aim at AEW on more than one occasion. From criticising promos in the company to calling the return of CM Punk the “biggest financial flop” in wrestling history, the former WCW President hasn’t been shy in his criticism of the company.

On the latest edition of SHAK Wrestling, Bischoff has taken issue with Tony Khan’s claim that AEW is in competition with WWE, saying that it’s “not even in the same conversation” as the sports entertainment giant.

“AEW is a super meaningful alternative [to WWE]. But the point is, Tony Khan refers to WWE as competition. Tony, wake the F up — you are not competition.

“You have not taken any market share, your audience is not growing on television, and there is not even a comparison in terms of a financial perspective — in terms of revenue generation.

“So, exactly how are you competitive? If you’re not taking market share, and you’re not even in the same conversation from a revenue standpoint — that’s the beginning and end of the competition conversation.

“You’re either taking market share or you’re not, or you’re either equal to or close in on the competitor’s revenue, and they’re not. They’re not even close.”

Bischoff went on to admit that Tony Khan is “very, very smart” but doesn’t believe he has a “creative instinct”.

“If Tony Khan is smart, and I know he’s very, very smart, a lot smarter than me in a lot of ways. I don’t exactly think he’s got a creative instinct in his body.

“I think what he’s doing is reliving a childhood memory, you know of ECW and the indie scene, and super matches. He’s booking, in my opinion, like a 14-year-old would – who would have a lot of toys and things he can play with.

“But I’m not seeing story – we’ve seen the wrestling audience or AEW audience call it a story but it’s not. It’s an excuse for having a super match or dream match.”

During the same interview, Eric Bischoff discussed whether there was a possibility of him ever returning to WWE saying that, currently, the company has no need of him.

H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.