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Booker T Names WWE’s Most Improved Performer Of 2021

Booker T

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T has given his opinion on who was the most improved performer of 2021 in WWE.

At the beginning of 2022, many in the wrestling industry are looking back on 2021 and giving their thoughts on how wrestlers have fared over the last 12 months. One of these is Booker T, who recapped 2021 on the most recent episode of his Hall of Fame podcast.

One WWE Superstar he singled out for praise was Bianca Belair, who he believes is the most improved in the company in 2021.

“I would say Bianca Belair, championship material, but more importantly most improved. I try not to put the carriage before the horse. Bianca is really, really good but I just do not want to put that pressure on her to be thinking like that when there again she’s good, she’s really, really good.

“As far as being ranked number one, I would give her that honor but it’s not just from a wrestling perspective. It’s how far Bianca Belair has come so quickly, so quickly.”

He went on to compare Belair’s rise in WWE at the start of the year, from winning the Royal Rumble to capturing the WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship at WrestleMania, to Rocky Balboa’s battle against Apollo Creed.

“I mean she like rose out of the ashes to be a contender like Rocky Balboa against Apollo Creed and then go out and win. Not because of any other reason than she’s talented just like Rocky. So, yeah man give her the props.”

While Bianca Belair lost her title to a returning Becky Lynch in only 26 seconds, she continued to impress throughout the year, and at Survivor Series overcame a four on one handicap to become the Sole Survivor in the women’s Team Raw vs. Team SmackDown elimination match.

H/T to SEScoops for the above transcription.