Booker T Comments On Vince McMahon Staying On WWE TV Despite Scandal

Vince McMahon - WWE Executive Chairman

Booker T believes the recent series of allegations made against Vince McMahon are simply too big to ignore.

The Wall Street Journal recently provided more information regarding the allegations against Vince McMahon. The WWE figurehead allegedly paid more than $12 million in hush money to four women over a 16-year period.

Back in June it had already been reported by the WSJ that McMahon was being investigated by WWE’s Board of Directors over a $3 million payment to a former employee with whom he had an affair.

In the wake of these allegations, McMahon appeared on episodes of SmackDown and Raw delivering two short promos in what many saw as an act of defiance. Now, Booker T has broken his silence regarding the controversy.

Speaking on his “Hall of Fame” podcast, the five-time WCW Champion suggested that the allegations against McMahon are something that won’t simply blow over, they need to dealt with “head-on.”

“You can’t run, you can’t hide,” Booker said. “You’ve got to deal with the situation and move forward. I think that’s what life is truly all about.”

“There’s a lot going on in the company and there’s stuff well above my pay grade, so I have no knowledge on any of it. Hopefully we can get past this. It’s just one of those things man, in business, you got to cross these bumps in the road.”

After the initial claims were made public, Vince McMahon stepped down from his role as CEO and Chairman of the Board. He has been replaced on an interim basis by his daughter Stephanie.

Booker went on to explain that the company is in safe hands with the younger McMahon.

“One thing I can say about Stephanie is, you know, she’s been a leader, you know, for quite some time in that company,” Booker said of Stephanie, who has served in the past as an executive vice president of creative and as WWE’s chief brand officer. “I’ve been around Stephanie for a long time, and she has been prepping for this position, so I think the company is in good hands.”

Following the latest round of allegations, it was reported that WWE talent were said to be “frustrated” by McMahon’s handling of the scandal. Furthermore a planned Netflix documentary telling the story of the life and career of the billionaire has been scrapped.

McMahon was reportedly in attendance at the July 8th episode of SmackDown, but did not appear on-screen.

H/t – Wrestling Inc