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Booker T Recalls Vince McMahon Doing The “Worst Spinaroonie”

Booker T Spinaroonie

Booker T has revealed who he thinks was the worst at performing his signature spinaroonie and the WWE Chairman is tied in first place for that dubious accolade.

Booker T built up a following in WCW as one half of WWE Hall Of Fame tag team Harlem Heat along with his brother Stevie Ray before striking out on his own and finding even more success.

Booker T famously became a five-time WCW Champion before the company was bought in 2001 with Booker joining WWE as part of the invading Alliance.

The charismatic star became one of the most popular stars of what has become known as the Ruthless Aggression era as fans lapped his backstage antics as well as raising the roof when he would break out his patented spinaroonie during matches.

The master of the spinaroonie was speaking to Metro.co.uk about other WWE Superstars trying to mimic his iconic move and says D-Von Dudley was the best imitator while the WWE Chairman and the giant Big Show, not so much:

“The best, I think, that’s done it on television… believe it or not, D-Von Dudley. As round as he is – maybe that’s what helped him! And the worst spinaroonie – it’s a cross, probably, between Vince McMahon and The Big Show.”

Booker T also recounted an incident after a television taping went off the air when he spent an age trying to get The Undertaker – not famed for his in-character jollity – to pull off the move:

“Trying to get The Undertaker to do the spinaroonie an hour after we’d gone off the air was a moment that’s gonna be stuck in my mind forever because we had so much fun.”

“I think I was crying the whole time we were trying to get it done. And the fans, man – more importantly, the fans they stayed there all the way to the end. They could’ve got in their cars and got up out of there.”

The show was over, and all of those fans stayed there just to be a part of that party. And that party still today is so memorable to so many people – especially the ones that were there.”

Booker T has recently discussed how his intention to quit WWE went awry when Vince McMahon decided to hire his wife Sharmell.