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Booker T Recalls The Moment Undertaker Gave Him Permission To Change In The Locker Room

Booker T Undertaker

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T recalled that he didn’t change in the WWF locker room until he was welcomed in by locker room leader The Undertaker.

Booker T was one of the many wrestlers to join the WWF roster during its Invasion period, following the demise and buyout of WCW.

While the 5 time WCW Champion was considered one of the higher profile members of the Invasion who was put into prominent feuds upon his arrival, he recently revealed that he didn’t feel completely at ease in the WWF locker room and didn’t initially dress there with the other members of the roster.

Speaking on the Stories with Bradshaw and Brisco podcast, Booker T recounted how despite any on-screen tension, renowned locker room leader The Undertaker respected him and made sure he knew he was welcome to change in the TV locker room.

“I remember coming to work one day and Undertaker said, ‘Hey, man, why don’t you come and dress over here with us?’ That was the first time I dressed in the TV locker room. I earned that respect and it paid off.”

Booker T also went on to explain his opinion that locker rooms in wrestling are more than just a place to change; it’s important to know one’s place in the locker room to be able to make it in the wrestling business, and not all wrestlers know how to navigate the backstage wrestling culture.

“I always tell people, ‘You gotta know how to make it in the locker room before you ever have a chance at making it in the ring. And I say that because I came from WCW, and every WCW guy, none of them knew how to make it in the locker room. They could work, they didn’t know how to make it in the locker room.”

The Undertaker is known for being a moral compass and locker room leader in WWE, providing guidance since his debut over 30 years ago. He recently named his Mount Rushmore of WWE wrestlers.

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