“Could Be The Next Great Masked Superstar” – Booker T Sees Big Things For NXT Star

Booker T

Booker T is already eyeing potential Superstars in WWE’s developmental promotion of NXT.

On the latest episode of NXT, the two-time WWE Hall of Famer was calling the action with Vic Joseph, and during so, he was also talking about multiple wrestlers in the promotion that he feels could reach superstardom if they play their cards right.

Booker T Sees Stars

Included on his list of wrestlers was Axiom, who had a one-on-one match with Nathan Frazer on the broadcast. Booker T mentioned that seeing Axiom getting hyped up reminds him of his days as a fan of professional wrestling.

“Mil Mascaras, when I was a kid, the way he made me feel when he came out when he went out and performed. He was different more than anybody. Then Rey Mysterio came along. You got the Rey Fenix’s of the world. These guys are an extraordinary talent and they put that country on the map.”

Booker T was referencing Mexico before he went on to give credit to Axiom.

“This kid, he’s next level. He really is. To see him display his talent, and perhaps could be the next great masked superstar and I’m getting a chance to see him first. That’s awesome, man…”

Previously on NXT, Axiom was known as A-Kid, the same name that he used while he was wrestling in the wrestling circuit of the United Kingdom. Booker T also praised Frazier before telling his co-host Brad Gilmore why he’s having so much fun in the gold, black and white.

“I was so in awe sitting at that seat watching that young talent of tomorrow go out there and totally just show up and show out. That’s where I’m having the time of my life here in NXT.”

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