Booker T Says He’s “All About The Script” In Wrestling

Booker T

Booker T has explained how he has maintained the uncanny ability to get over with wrestling fans at different times in his storied career.

Booker T entered WCW alongside brother Stevie Ray in August 1993 as Harlem Heat. Just one month after their debut they took part in the infamous War Games match including The Shockmaster. Later on in his career, he became a multiple-time WCW Champion before the promotion closed its doors in 2001.

Entering WWE as part of the ‘invading’ Alliance, T became a hated figure to fans of WWE, eliciting strong reactions from crowds wherever he went. After that story ended Booker T became beloved during his time teaming with Goldust. ‘Bookdust’ was a hit with fans due to their hilarious shenanigans in and out of the ring.

Further gold was to follow when Booker won the World Heavyweight Championship after christening himself King Booker for winning the King Of The Ring tournament.

Speaking to Yahoo Sports, the WWE Hall Of Famer explained why he thinks he was always able to get over with fans:

“I’ve always been the guy that was all about the script. Give me the script, crappy or not, I’m going to make it good and change a few things. No matter what position I was in, mid-card, main event, whatever, it was all about going out there and getting the work done. That really started in WCW. I was a guy who would go out there and perform and rely on nothing else but my own work. There was no buddy system, no kissing up, it was all about taking whatever role it was and making it something special. That’s what I challenge these young guys to do now. Take whatever character you have and make it what you want it to be.”

Booker then discussed a classic moment in wrestling history where no script was needed:

“There was definitely improvisation with that. Stone Cold had no script, I had no script and we were just there to entertain fans. We didn’t know that it would eventually go down as one of our greatest moments outside of anything that we did in the ring. Stone Cold Steve Austin is a pretty tough guy, I’m a pretty tough guy and we find ourselves fighting in the middle of a grocery store. To this day, Bakersfield, California and the Green Frog Market live in infamy because of Stone Cold Steve Austin and Booker T coming through and wrecking it. It was a great night.”

Booker T has also recently shared his thoughts on IMPACT Wrestling losing their World Championship to AEW’s Kenny Omega. Booker wrestled for the former TNA between 2007 and 2010.

Credit: Yahoo Sports