Booker T Reveals Basic Wrestling Move He Refused To Take After His 20s

Booker T Thumb

Booker T has discussed a familiar wrestling move that he chose to stop taking.

Injuries are commonplace in the world of professional wrestling with many stars suffering from the effects of years of bumping inside the squared circle. Whilst some moves are more dangerous than others, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T has revealed one basic move he refused to take after his 20s.

Talking on his latest episode of “Hall Of Fame” Booker T divulged that he “would not take a backdrop.” :

“That was just me because I always had back problems, I always had lower back problems, my back could like spasm out just like that for no reason, and it would stay like that for like three days to where I was crooked. My legs was on one side and my upper body would be on the other side, so I would be walking around literally like sideways … So, after my late 20s, once I got to 30 I said ‘backdrops is something I think I need to throw out just because of safety purposes for the future.'”

Responding to a question on how he feels about German suplexes, Booker had the following to say:

“Everybody can’t do the German … They’ve got to be able to pop their hips, they’ve got to be able to get the guy over properly and rotate, a lot of guys just want to throw you over, and that’s just not the way it works as far as from a safety perspective.

If I am in the ring with a guy like Scott Steiner, I feel comfortable, because I know Scotty is going to break down, he’s going to pop his hips, he’s going to rotate, and he’s going to get me over … You didn’t see Steiner doing a lot of those kind of suplexes … because, it’s not that safe and it only takes one time, just like we saw with Big E for it to end in perhaps tragedy, or career ending.”

Recently, Mick Foley clamoured for German suplexes to either be toned down or outright banned, revealing how much he hates the move.

h/t Wrestling Inc. for the transcription