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Booker T Responds To Claims He Broke Rene Dupree’s Nose

Booker T

Booker T clapped back after former WWE stars Paul London and Rene Dupree claimed the 5x WCW Champion broke their noses and never apologized.

On a recent episode of Cafe de Renee, former WWE Tag Team Champion Paul London called out Booker T, who prides himself on being a safe worker in the ring, claiming that the star broke London’s nose and never apologized afterward as he denies the incident. Rene Dupree chimed in by saying that Booker broke his nose as well, one week after London’s.

Speaking on his own Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T responded, saying he doesn’t want to air out Rene Dupree’s dirty laundry because that would be like a “mountain to a molehill” when compared to the mistakes Booker himself has made.

“I don’t think he wants to get into the weeds with Booker T or anything like that on bringing up past transgressions … I don’t think he wants to go there. Because I think that his laundry list is going to be like a mile longer than mine … Guys need to just stop talking about things that they really don’t need to be talking about, because it was wrestling.”

Booker T continued, addressing a situation in which Dupree complained about working with Hardcore Holly when the two of them had a backstage altercation. He believes Dupree is “playing the victim.”

“He was bigger than anybody in the locker room and he’s always talking about how he was a kid. He’s always talking about he was a kid at 20 years old. I was in prison at 21 years old. If I thought I was a kid when I was in there, I wouldn’t be having this conversation with you right now … Wake up and quit trying to blame someone for your own downfalls, and that’s just going out to Rene Dupree. Now, if you want to take this any further, we will take it a little bit further.”

Things took a turn when Rene Dupree himself showed up in the chat during the show, saying he was “More than welcome to clear the air and chat stories.” Booker T responded to the chat saying that he’s “open to chat any time.”

“Always willing to chat right here inside the “Hall Of Fame” because it’s real talk. And more importantly, I think it’s needed, because I never thought him and I had any heat, ever. I was never a bully and I think those guys can attest to that.

“Hit me up in the DMs, man.”

h/t WrestlingInc