Booker T On Phrase From Vince McMahon He Refused To Say To “Protect His Street Cred”

Vince McMahon Triple H thumbs up backstage

Vince McMahon wanted Booker T to use the phrase on live TV.

During his time in charge, Vince McMahon was well known for infamous rants in the ears of announcers as he fed them lines from the Gorilla position while they called the action in the ring.

It was dealing with the former WWE Chairman on commentary that caused Mick Foley to walk away from his stint as a commentator in WWE in 2008.

Now, two-time Hall of Famer Booker T has recently revealed a four-word phrase Vince McMahon wanted him to say during a live broadcast. Speaking on his “Hall of Fame” podcast Booker divulged the phrase that he refused to use despite the request from McMahon:

“Yeah, much to his chagrin. That’s the one that I was like, I can’t say that; it’s going to mess up all of my street cred (laughs). I would never say ‘much to his chagrin.’ I never said that to anybody in my regular daily life, ever!

Yeah, I can imagine you and I having a conversation, ‘much to his chagrin’ (laughs). You’d look at me like, ‘What are you talking about?’ So, that was the only one, and like I said, I couldn’t say as it would have messed up all my street cred.

“I mean, I’m out here talking about Shucky Ducky Quack Quack, and no bread, no water, just meat, and now I’m saying, ‘much to his chagrin.”

Last week, a major shakeup was confirmed for WWE commentary including the return of Booker T who will join Vic Joseph on NXT.

h/t Sportskeeda