Booker T On Why WWE Legends Disappeared During The Undertaker’s Farewell

Booker T Thumb

Booker T recently commented on his Survivor Series appearance during The Undertaker’s final farewell, and revealed why the WWE Legends disappeared during the closing segment of the show.

Survivor Series marked 30 years of The Undertaker in WWE, who debuted at the event in 1990. The show also marked the final farewell of ‘The Deadman’, who announced that the “time has come to let The Undertaker rest in peace.” During the opening moments of Taker’s farewell segment, many WWE Legends and Hall of Famers took to the ring in celebration of The Undertaker, including Ric Flair, Triple H, Rikishi, Mick Foley and Booker T. However, these stars of yesteryear disappeared as ‘The Deadman’ made his way to the ring.

Speaking on his ‘Hall Of Fame’ podcast, Booker T explained the reasoning for the quick exit:

“We were just there to be there for that moment, for The Undertaker. That moment wasn’t for us, it was for The Undertaker, it was for him, it was his moment. I think anything that we could have said would have overshadowed what he said, because we know The Undertaker, he never was a guy who was going to talk a whole lot. And one thing you don’t want to do man, is give a bunch of old wrestlers a microphone.”

Booker T faced The Undertaker several times during his stint in WWE, including a bout for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship during the Invasion era in 2001, which saw WCW and ECW Superstars take on WWE Superstars. Both men would achieve main event status during their perspectives careers, both achieving multiple championships and accolades. Booker T retired from full-time in-ring competition in 2012 whilst The Undertaker officially bid farewell to the WWE Universe this month.

Commenting on the retirement of The Undertaker, Booker T believes that Taker’s family life – as well as the coronavirus outbreak this year – may have been a key factor in his decision to walk away from the ring:

“Like Clint Eastwood said in a movie, ‘every man’s got his limitations’. And I think thats where we are right now with The Undertaker. Having that little girl, having his wife, I think that right there, and then also being in this pandemic era and having a chance to sit back for a minute and open your eyes and see, ‘wow man, I think my priorities need to re-shift’.”

You can listen to the full Hall Of Fame episode here.