Booker T Comments On MJF Being A Potential Hall of Famer

MJF stands on-stage on AEW Dynamite 2022

Unquestionably one of wrestling’s brightest stars today, MJF is believed to be on track for a Hall of Fame-worthy career in Booker T’s eyes!

Even before he joined All Elite Wrestling in 2019, MJF was believed to be one of the greatest stars of this generation. Building up a substantial body of work on the independent scene, ‘The Salt of the Earth’ now stands as a top national star in the Tony Khan-helmed promotion.

Returning to regular programming at All Out, Maxwell Jacob Friedman now holds an opportunity at the AEW World Championship for whenever he chooses. The title showdown with Jon Moxley is believed to be happening at Full Gear on 19 November.

Popular as he may be, he is yet to win a single championship in AEW – but that doesn’t exclude him from a Hall of Fame-calibre career. Booker T, a two-time WWE Hall of Famer in his own right, commented on MJF’s progress during the Reality of Wrestling podcast, wishing there were more guys like MJF on the scene:

“The kid is different. I like what MJF brings to the table. He’s all entertainment, man, and that’s what wrestling is. I wish we had more guys like MJF out there really understanding how they can really use the stuff that’s going on around them to really benefit the game and make the game stronger.”

Continuing, the multi-time World Champion expressed how MJF is different to any other wrestler he’s seen in some time:

“That’s one of those things to sustainability in this game. I’m looking at how well MJF is taking off and he’s doing great things, man. He’s one of a kind; he’s different than any wrestler we’ve seen come along in quite some time. And I always thought about finishing. I wanted to make sure I finished strong. You know, I wanted to get through this game: There’s a lot of landmines, a lot of pitfalls along the way.”

Though he’s never held an AEW championship, the former Pinnacle leader is a three-time holder of the Dynamite Diamond Ring, alongside acclaimed championship runs elsewhere in Major League Wrestling, Limitless Wrestling, and Combat Zone Wrestling, among others.

Winning the Casino Ladder match at All Out after entering last-minute, MJF is now scheduled for his first official match in just over four months when he faces Wheeler YUTA on the anniversary edition of AEW Dynamite,

H/T to Wrestling Inc.