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Booker T On WrestleMania 19 – “I Don’t Lose Any Sleep Over It”

Triple H and Booker T

Booker T has been explaining his thoughts on the controversial WrestleMania 19 World Heavyweight Championship match between himself and Triple H.

The storyline in the lead up to the match was controversial, with allegations of racial overtones being used in the story. Many fans felt that because of the nature of the story that Booker T would be the likely winner at WrestleMania 19 but that was not to be.

Speaking on ‘The Hall of Fame’ podcast, the 5-time WCW Champion gave his thoughts on the situation:

“The thing about that match [at WrestleMania 19], of course, the ending wasn’t what most of the majority of the fans that night were wanting. So many people wanted me to win that night, I remember a couple of the office guys said, ‘Book you should have won tonight.’ Well, you wrote it. You had a piece of it, why didn’t you speak up?”

Booker T would then elaborate on if he felt that he should have been victorious:

“I didn’t win that night, I don’t lose any sleep over it because I’ve always looked at wrestling like movies. Sometimes when you’re watching a movie, sometimes the bad guy wins. The movie goes off and the bad guy gets away with the crime. I’ve never once looked back and said man, I should’ve won that match. I’ve never done that before, never once because I never thought about the business that way.”

The 2-time WWE Hall of Famer then discussed the fan reaction to the story and the match, noting how strong the feeling about it still is with some fans:

“I appreciate those fans because they represented me that night and wanted me to win. So many of them to this day say it still burns and hurts them that I didn’t win that night even though I still went out and became world champ after that. A lot of people feel like that night I should’ve won and it burns a lot of people but that’s a testament to what we did in the ring back then as far as making our fans feel a certain way when they watch those shows and angles go down.”

Booker T recently appeared at the Royal Rumble where Bad Bunny performed his hit song named after Booker. Booker T has also discussed his feelings about the winner of the women’s Royal Rumble match.

Credit: The Hall of Fame podcast

h/t Wrestling Inc. for the transcription