Booker T On His Dislike Of Sasha Banks: “She Rubs Me The Wrong Way”

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It’s fair to say that Booker T and Sasha Banks do not like each other.

Viewers of WWE’s Kickoff shows will have noticed that over the past few months the former WCW headliner has not spoken about the current WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion in glowing terms.

The pair’s social media rivalry has exploded to the point where fans are taking sides and was elevated this summer when Banks orated her belief that The Golden Role Models were better than Harlem Heat in their prime.

Needless to say, the tag team specialist didn’t take her words kindly.

Now, after throwing yet another shot across her bow this past Sunday on the WWE Hell in a Cell pre-show, Booker T has finally opened up about his animosity with Sasha Banks on the latest edition of his Hall of Fame podcast.

Among subjects such as Randy Orton capturing the WWE Championship and MMA, Booker was asked about Sasha Banks and why he just can’t take to her:

“Look man, I don’t care what people think and what they say about me. That’s my opinion if I like someone or I don’t like them. What if I say I don’t like Sami Zayn? Are they going to blow up the internet? What if I say I don’t like Bayley? Are they going to blow up the internet? What if I say I don’t like you? Are they going to blow up the internet? I mean guys, relax more than anything. Sasha Banks and I is something that her and I have to hash out. This is between us. It’s not between anybody else except Sasha Banks and myself. She said she is a 5-time champ. Great. She is a grand slam champ as well.”

The master of the spinaroonie then got the heart of why he took a dislike to Banks in the first place and put the figurative bookend on the subject matter:

“Sasha Banks, she rubs me the wrong way a little bit, It could be her attitude. The thing is, I’m sure you people out there who perhaps made those comments, I’m sure someone that you’ve met rubs you the wrong way and perhaps is not your favorite person. I did not say I hate her. I said I did not like Sasha. That could mean a lot of things. My thing is this. Sasha Banks and I, that’s between us. Stay in your lane and trust me, you will do a whole lot better for yourself. You don’t want to cross in my lane.”

Not wanting to end the segment on a downer, Booker then turned the tide and rightly praised Sasha Banks for what she does in the ring and her great talent:

“On the real, I appreciate what Sasha Banks does and brings to the table. She’s a special talent. She is better than the majority of the women that play that role and are put in that position. I’m keeping it real. You have to be able to go out and make people feel a certain way. I say that all the time. Sasha has the ability to go out and make you feel a certain way when you watch her perform and is not afraid to throw caution to the wind. She is willing to go out and put it all on the line in the squared circle. I appreciate that. She’s a great storyteller.”

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Credit for the interview: Hall of Fame podcast.