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Booker T On Considering Ric Flair A Mentor

Booker T.

In a new interview with Sports Illustrated, the two-time WWE Hall Of Famer Booker T opened up about his admiration and respect for one of his mentors.

Speaking ahead of Monday Night Raw, Legends Night, Booker revealed that he was looking to sharing the ring with one legend in particular. A certain “Nature Boy” Ric Flair.

“Ric Flair means so much to me,” Booker says. “Flair is one of my mentors. I got a shot with him in the ring back in the day, more than 20 years ago, only because he saw something in me and wanted to test me. He was a legend back then, and now I get to be in the ring with him again.”

Elsewhere in the interview the former King Of The Ring also explained that while he isn’t openly seeking a chance to get back into the ring, if the call came and the money was right, he’d be willing to listen.

“If a call was to come for some big show, with some big check, I’m always willing to listen, outside of that, I’m not making any phone calls.

I have no itch to scratch to get back in that ring… I’m in the gym every day, but my goal is to stay healthy. My next championship will be walking my little girl down the aisle. She’s 10 years old, and that’s the walk I want to make.”

Interestingly, in a recent interview with WWE UK, Ric Flair spoke incredibly highly of Booker T, saying that he “could still wrestle now.” He further went on to call the former World Champion a “tremendous performer” commenting that he’d had a “phenomenal career.”

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