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Booker T On Christian Cage – “I Really Hate That WWE Lost Him”

Christian Booker T

Booker T has discussed Christian Cage joining All Elite Wrestling and calls him the most underrated wrestler in the history of the business.

Speaking on his Hall Of Fame podcast, Booker T was discussing Cage’s shock debut in AEW and how he understands why Cage chose to go.

Booker explained:

“I didn’t see it coming but I didn’t not not see it coming either. It was one of those deals where Christian has always been a guy that writes his own script in terms of it not working out here, let me go try it out over there. Maybe the grass is greener on the other side or maybe I just need a change-up. Christian, after you saw him in the Rumble, looked pretty good. The brother looked like he can still go. He’s my brother man, we’re tight like that. Some guys man, they feel like they still got something left in the gas tank and they want to go, they don’t want to be told no.”

“I understand where guys like Christian is where he still feels like he can go. He has something to offer to this business. Maybe not just in the ring, but out of the ring as far as the knowledge. I really thought Christian was a prime guy, I don’t know if he wanted to do it in WWE but I do know that a lot of those guys in [WWE] developmental, to listen to Christian and get into his mind and the way he thinks, you will learn so much.”

WWE Hall of Famer T then discussed how he feels at no longer being able to work with his friend:

“The most underrated professional wrestler this business has ever produced is Christian,” Booker said. “I’m not just saying that because he’s my friend, he’s a guy who’s been well under-utilized as far as his talent and his skill and his mind goes for this business. He’s a guy for me personally, I really hate that we [in WWE] lost.

“If it was the last time he and I worked together on WWE Backstage, I just wanna say I’m gonna miss him. Christian was always like my right-hand man. Always a guy I loved to be around, always the guy that wasn’t going to be the sore thumb at the party. He is a guy who’s taken every finisher better than anybody else.”

As far as what Booker T thinks Cage will be doing in AEW. Booker thinks that the fans will get to see a lot of match-ups they’ve not seen before:

“Christian is the type to want to venture out and explore. I think he’s going to want to tangle with one of the young guys, somebody he’s never worked with before. I don’t think he’s going to be trying to go with the old guard, I just don’t see that. Matt Hardy, we’ve seen that Chris Jericho, we’ve seen that.”

Finally, Booker T named two men that he would like to see Christian face in All Elite Wrestling:

“I don’t know. The one guy Christian would have a really good thing with right off the bat is the kid with his hands in his pockets, Orange Cassidy. He looks like Christian, he acts like Christian, he once was like Christian. Christian was him once upon a time so I see something like that happening for me. Miro against Christian, Orange Cassidy against Christian. That match right there is almost like a dream match for the millennials watching the show.”

Chrisitan Cage made his AEW debut at AEW Revolution where he signed his contract in the ring. Cage would make his Dynamite debut, coming face to face with AEW Champion, Kenny Omega.

Credit: The Hall Of Fame Podcast

h/t Wrestling Inc. for the transcription