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Booker T On Bianca Belair – “She Could Be The Next Star”

Bianca Belair

Booker T has had some strong words of praise for the 2021 women’s Royal Rumble winner Bianca Belair, stating that he believes she could be the next big star in WWE.

The 5-time WCW Champion, talking on his ‘The Hall of Fame’ podcast, was asked for his thoughts on the NXT Superstar. Boker was effusive in his praise as he said:

“She makes it look easy, that’s what scares me with her. She turned it on [at the Royal Rumble] but when she beat Bayley last week, what impressed me with her that night was the promo after the match. She really looked like she was in the moment of, ‘I’m gonna take this world by storm and you guys are going to see a whole lot more of Bianca Belair.’

She made that moment feel a certain way and really let me see a different side of her and that’s what I’m always looking for as far as a star goes.”

“Right now, I think her star is going to shine really really bright… I picked Rhea Ripley to win the whole thing, but Bianca Belair, she definitely proved that she could be the next [star.]”

Two-time WWE Hall of Famer Booker T was at the Royal Rumble event.He appeared during a performance by Bad Bunny of his song ‘Booker T.’ Bad Bunny would get involved in the Rumble match, distracting The Miz and John Morrison leading to their eliminations. Reports suggest Bunny could be making more appearances in WWE.

Bianca Belair entered the women’s Royal Rumble as the third entrant.She lasted almost 57 minutes in the match, a record for the women’s Rumble, before last eliminating Rhea Ripley to win. Belair will have the opportunity to challenge for a championship at WrestleMania, it remains to be seen which title she will aim to capture.

Credit: The Hall of Fame podcast

h/t Fightful for the transcription