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Booker T Says MJF Would Be One of The Biggest Stars In The World If He Joined WWE

MJF on the mic

Booker T has suggested that MJF would become the biggest stars that the world of professional wrestling has ever seen.

Following a chaotic weekend in Las Vegas for Double or Nothing, the AEW future of MJF has seemingly never been less secure. While the star has spent months openly courting a bidding war between his current employer and WWE it appears that a switch is increasingly likely.

The day before Double Nothing, MJF missed a scheduled appearance at a fan-fest event, with reports suggesting he was “in a bad place.” In addition, the star’s no-show reportedly wouldn’t deter WWE or Vince McMahon from wanting to sign him.

Speaking on a recent episode of his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T suggested that far from being “buried” if he moved to WWE, the Dynamite Diamond Ring winner would become one of the biggest stars on the planet.

“This thing with MJF, does it have some bite to it? Is it something that could really, really happen? I think so. I really think a guy like MJF – people say, a lot of people say if he goes to WWE he’s going to get buried – I think if MJF went to WWE, he would be one of the biggest stars this world has ever seen.

Just because I think like this as well – in AEW, who’s talked about the most there, in an upward scale, in a positive way, as far as perhaps being the next big thing as far as professional wrestling goes? My thing is, this guy has got all the cards and it’s just about how he play ’em.”

It has also been reported that a number of former WWE Superstars including Christian, Mark Henry, Malakai Black, Adam Cole, Bryan Danielson, CM Punk are earning up to five-times more than MJF is. This is despite him receiving a pay-rise in January.

H/t to Sportskeeda for the transcription.