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Booker T On Melina Being Difficult To Work With

Booker T Melina

Booker T has commented on WWE’s perception of Melina, branding her as one of the greatest of her generation, but “hell to deal with” backstage.

During the seven years she spent under WWE contract, Melina racked up an impressive body of work. She captured two Divas Championships and three Women’s Championships during her career, and made it as far as the top three in Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s 2009 PWI Female 50.

After being released by the company in August 2011, the former MNM member would be accused of getting other WWE Superstars fired, which ultimately led to her not appearing on WWE programming for eight years. It was only in July 2019 that she returned to the sports entertainment giant.

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T has commented on the controversy that had surrounded the former Women’s Champion on his Hall of Fame podcast, claiming how difficult to work with she was, despite his beliefs that she’s one of the best of her era (h/t Sportskeeda Wrestling):

“As far as Melina goes, I really like Melina now; I did not like Melina in her day. No one did. She was one of those that owned it, she wanted to be the best in the ring and hell to deal with in the locker room. I think she would attest to that, perhaps, these days.

I don’t think that’s why she doesn’t get much love or anything like that, maybe it was the departure of Melina, more than anything. I’ve always said, as far as talent goes, there was nobody better than Melina.

But, Melina – like I said, nothing bad about Melina – she was controversial. She was very controversial when she was in WWE and none of it had to do with her in-ring prowess or anything like that.”

Following her release from WWE, the multi-time Divas Champion was one of the rare WWE Superstars who maintained a career solely on the independent circuit, with no major promotion utilising her until after she’d returned to WWE programming. IMPACT Wrestling, for example, only took her onboard last summer.

The 21-year veteran made her WWE in-ring return as the second entrant in the 2022 women’s Royal Rumble match. She joined Sasha Banks to start the match, though ‘The Legit Boss’ eliminated her before the third entrant could enter the ring.