Booker T – “I Knew Bobby Lashley Was The Heir Apparent To Booker T”

Bobby Lashley thumb

When Bobby Lashley won the WWE Championship on the March 1st edition of Monday Night RAW, it was seen by many as the culmination of a 15 year long journey and an exercise in perseverance and determination.

While Lashley held the ECW World Title during his initial run with WWE through the mid-2000’s, a run with one of the company’s more prestigious world titles eluded him. However, this wasn’t due to any lack of ability or skill on Lashley’s part.

Speaking on his Hall Of Fame podcast former multi-time world champion Booker T has offered his insight into what it was like to work with a young Bobby Lashley. The WWE Hall of Famer recalled getting inside Lashley’s head almost acting as a mentor to the inexperienced powerhouse.

“The matches Bobby and I had, we had some really, really great chemistry because after I got in Bobby’s head, he threw everything out of the window and what I teach in my wrestling school we don’t talk about sell and whatnot, we talk about ‘act’ and ‘react’ and he started acting and reacting properly and man, he starting whooping my ass, man and we started having some of the best stuff that was going on there.”

The pioneer of the ‘Spinaroonie’ added that his young foe was full of potential and the “heir apparent” as he knew his own time with WWE was coming to an end.

“I knew it was time for me to go, but I also knew that Bobby Lashley was going to be the heir apparent to Booker T after I left. Said, ‘Bobby’s gonna pick up right where I left off and he’s gonna take it on and make it even better,’ and then Bobby left the company shortly after I did and I was like, ‘What the hell did you do that for?’ Because I thought he was in the perfect, prime position there again to pick up right where I left off.”

Fast forward to the present day and Bobby Lashley stands tall on top of the WWE mountain freshly won WWE Championship in hand. A Superstar which Booker sees as the “prototype of the old school” and without equal on the main roster.

“And Bobby, at 44 years old, there’s nobody in the company that looks better than Bobby Lashley. Is Bobby Lashley a prototype of the old school? You better believe it. You better believe he is and that’s what wrestling was when we watched it back in the day was guys going out there simulating a fight and making it look as real as it could possibly look and that’s what Bobby Lashley brings to the table.

“You look at anybody on the roster and you stand them up next to Bobby Lashley, you’re gonna say there’s no comparison. I don’t care who it is.”

Bobby Lashley is set to appear on the March 8th episode of RAW for ‘The Almighty Championship Celebration’ alongside the rest of the Hurt Business. You can read a preview of the upcoming episode here.

H/t to Wrestle Zone for the transcription.