Booker T Has Come Around To “One Dimensional” WWE Star Wes Lee

Booker T

It may have taken a bit, but Booker T sees some legitimacy in Wes Lee.

Speaking on his Hall Of Fame podcast, the two-time WWE Hall Of Famer and current NXT commentator had some praise for the former Rascal in Lee, noting that he wasn’t sold on the talent at first, but saw that Lee was more than just a talent who could fly.

“Wes Lee didn’t have my vote when I first came to NXT. He just wasn’t a guy on my radar or anything like that. I just thought he was a one-dimensional guy that was going to go out there and do flips and pretty much that was it. But Wes Lee, you can tell Wes Lee [has] been in a fight before. You can tell he’s been in a couple of scraps.”

Booker T Thinks There’s More For Wes Lee

Two weeks ago, Wes Lee suffered a sobering loss to Dominik Mysterio after having a lenghty run as the NXT North American Champion. It prompted the question as to what is next for Lee and Booker isn’t against him going after the strap that was taken from him once again.

“No, I don’t think Wes Lee has outgrown the North American Championship at all. He’s a young guy. There’s a lot of growth.

“Wes Lee could possibly be the greatest North American Champion in NXT’s history, and to win it again, to win it one more time on top of that … [would] solidify himself before he actually makes it to the main roster by having some notches on his belt.”

Lee will happen to get his shot again regaining the title as it was revealed on the latest NXT that he along with Mustafa Ali will face Mysterio in a three-way fight at The Great American Bash.

H/t to Wrestling Inc.