Booker T Compares Fight With Batista To CM Punk & The Elite’s

Booker T

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T is no stranger to fighting his colleagues and now he has weighed in on the altercation between CM Punk and The Elite.

Backstage fights are nothing new in wrestling but the one in 2006 between Booker T and Batista has been the subject of much conversation over the years. Perhaps the most notable thing about it was that it didn’t actually happen backstage at all but instead on location for a SummerSlam commercial shoot.

Speaking on his Hall of Fame podcast, the five-time WCW Champion discussed his issues with Batista in the context of the bust up in AEW after All Out between CM Punk and The Elite:

“People can say what they want to say about Batista and I and the altercation him and I had back in the day. It was a serious altercation, serious as any could ever be. But, there wasn’t one day that I didn’t think that I couldn’t work with Batista.”

“It was like, we had an altercation, it was a fight, I think I got my respect out of it, I think he realized, ‘Hey, man, maybe I shouldn’t talk to Booker T a certain way,’ it was water under the bridge. But it wasn’t like, to this day I’m holding animosity to him because him and I had an altercation. That’s where it’s different with something like [in AEW] it’s like a personal thing.”

h/t Sportskeeda