Booker T Explains Which Was The Scariest Bump In The World To Take

Booker T

Two-time WWE Hall of Famer Booker T has given his verdict on the scariest bump to take as a wrestler and says it came at the hands of the legendary Undertaker.

Speaking on an episode of his Hall Of Fame podcast, the five-time WCW Champion was asked by a listener if he ever felt scared or intimidated when he found himself standing across the ring from WWE’s resident Phenom.

For Booker T, the fear only came with one particular move:

“When you’re in the tombstone (laughs). When you’re getting ready to take that bump right there, it’s the scariest bump in the world. I remember working with The Undertaker and we were going to do the Tombstone spot, where he has me in the Tombstone and he falls back and I’ve got to pick him up and into the Tombstone. I remember doing that and he was so damn heavy, trying to make sure I got him up without falling and messing that thing up (laughs). And then he hit me with it.”

While being dropped on your head by The Undertaker usually meant that the match was over for you, the Deadman has been one of the only WWE Superstars allowed to do a piledriver of any kind when the company reportedly banned the move.

Booker T and The Undertaker shared a ring on dozens of occasions once T made the move to WWE after the demise of WCW. Both men were on opposite sides of the ring for the Inaugural Brawl at the Invasion pay-per-view as well as the ‘Winner Take All’ match between Team WWF and The Alliance at Survivor Series 2001.

Booker T has also recently recalled the best locker room fight he ever saw, a scrap in the World Championship Wrestling locker room between 3-time karate world champion Ernest ‘The Cat’ Miller and Buff Bagwell.

Credit: Hall Of Fame podcast

h/t Sportskeeda for the transcription