Booker T Denies WrestleMania XIX Segment Was Cut From A&E Biopic

Booker T Triple H

Booker T has addressed rumours that content surrounding his WrestleMania XIX match against Triple H was cut from the recent A&E biopic on the two-time WWE Hall of Famer.

In a tweet that has since been deleted, writer Dennis Davis Jr. claims to have been interviewed about the infamous match between Booker T and Triple H. Davis claims one of the main reasons he was invited to be a part of ‘A&E Biography: Booker T’ was to discuss the events that transpired around WrestleMania 19:

“So one of the main reasons I was brought in was to talk about WrestleMania 19. I went in about it for a LONG time. But my ass knew it wasn’t making the final cut so I figured i was gonna get cut out from the whole doc lmao”

However, Booker T would take to his podcast ‘Hall of Fame’ to dispute Davis’ comments that footage surrounding the controversial match:

“How can it be pulled [when] it never actually got in. To write [that it got pulled], makes it seem like there was a whole lot of meat and potatoes on the bone of the story of Booker T and Triple H. I never gave that story a whole lot of credence or given a lot of thought to me losing that match. They talk about the story, and I understand that, but I never looked at my career and framed my career around a single match. I got paid more money for that match than I got paid for any match in my life. I’m not gonna complain about that.”

The 2003 storyline between the two competitors is remembered for carrying what some felt to be racial undertones. During a promo on Monday Night Raw, Triple H would berate Booker T, telling him that “Somebody like you doesn’t get to be World Heavyweight Champion.”

The pair would eventually clash at WrestleMania XIX where, controversially, Triple H would retain the World Heavyweight Championship. Despite online feelings toward the angle, Booker T insists that the storyline has been misconstrued in the eyes of the fans:

“When people try to make something out of a racial issue between Booker T, Triple H, and WWE, someone is just trying to get some clicks. I just want everyone to know that. That was not what my story was about at the end of the day. My story is not about the dark side of WrestleMania 19. For people to want to make it about that, I get it and understand, but for me personally, that’s not what my career makeup is about.”

Despite his loss on the Grandest Stage Of Them All, Booker T would go on to capture the World Heavyweight Championship three years later, defeating Rey Mysterio at The Great American Bash in 2006.

h/t to Fightful for the transcription