Booker T Confirms He Was Ordering Takeout On His Phone During NXT Segment

Booker T

The life of a wrestling personality is a hectic one, so Booker T didn’t want to be hanging around and waiting for his next meal after the May 2nd episode of NXT.

After a recent travel schedule that saw him head to Europe before returning to the United States for Raw and then NXT, Booker was tired after a long day. So not wanting to waste any time, he ordered from DoorDash during NXT’s final segment which was Indi Hartwell’s farewell to the brand.

Unfortunately for the WWE Hall of Famer, an eagle-eyed fan saw what he was doing and posted it to Twitter.

Speaking on a recent episode of his podcast, Hall of Fame, Booker addressed the clip, commenting that it was filmed at the end of the show.

“It was the end of the show. The show was over. It had nothing to do with me [laughs]. I was gonna be exiting the building shortly after that. I wanted my meal hot and ready to go when I got there” [he continued to laugh]

After confirming that he ordered chicken parmesan from Fridays, the former World Champion added that what he was doing didn’t impact on his contribution to the segment.

“Good for Indi Hartwell. I made sure I got the last note that I had to say which was, ‘When a man loves a woman. It’s a beautiful thing.’ That’s all I needed to say in that segment. The camera wasn’t on me. But I get it. You have to watch yourself at all times.”

Booker joked that he had been without American food for so long, he couldn’t wait any longer.

[Joking] “A little bit, you know, but that’s on me. I gotta be on my P’s and Q’s, but no doubt I was trying to make sure I get my meal ready and hot because I’m gonna be out of there, bro. I had a long day. You know how long it had been since I had American food. That right there in itself should give me the right to do what the hell I wanted to do at that moment in time.”

Booker T Reflects On “Bittersweet” WWE Draft

The wrestler-turned-announcer said that he was happy that stars such as Grayson Waller, Pretty Deadly and Zoey Stark had been called up to the main roster, revealing that Waller thanked him for their time working together.

However, he said that it was also bittersweet to see a number of his favourite stars move on.

H/t to WrestlingNews.Co