Booker T Compares Tenured WWE Star To JBL

Booker T

Booker t thinks a current SmackDown star has a lot of similarities to JBL.

Happy Corbin has been part of the WWE main roster since 2016. Perhaps one of his biggest claims to fame is being the man who wrestled Kurt Angle in his final match at WrestleMania 35.

The former Golden Gloves regional amateur boxing champion utilizes his fight background and size in many of his matches. His in-ring style, size, and heel work were recently compared to a former SmackDown champion.

Speaking on his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T compared Corbin’s work as a heel to former WWE Champion JBL. Booker praised JBL for being one of the best heels in the company and said he saw many of the same qualities in Corbin.

“He’s [Happy Corbin] like JBL, man. That’s who I compare him to. I compare him to JBL because JBL is a guy who you’re not going to remember a whole lot of moves other than that Clothesline from Hell. But John Bradshaw Layfield, if he worked today on the roster, the internet world would probably hate him, but he would literally be the most over heel this business has ever seen because he can work.

That’s all he needed to do was just know to work, beat guys up and go out and make fans feel enough to go in their pocket and buy a ticket to come and boo him out of the building,” said Booker T.

Corbin recently spoke about wanting to square off against Booker T in the ring someday. Although the Hall of Famer isn’t itching to get back into the ring, he did say that he was willing to wrestle Corbin if asked.

H/t – Sportskeeda