Booker T Compares Former WWE Divas Champion To Cody Rhodes

Booker T

After spending his entire career with WWE, Cody Rhodes was released by the company in April 2016.

The star had become increasingly frustrated with how he was being used and felt he had more to give. This led to the American Nightmare competing all over the world, stepping into the ring for Ring of Honor, NJPW, IMPACT Wrestling, and more before helping launch AEW in 2019.

Many believe that this journey helped Rhodes become a better wrestler, a better performer, and ultimately a bigger star.

Speaking on his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T discussed comments from Alicia Fox who recently insisted that she wasn’t retired and planning to work with him as he looks to relaunch her career.

The former World Champion confirmed that he’d spoken to Fox, adding that she wants to come and train with his Reality of Wrestling school. He added that she would be wise to follow a similar blueprint to Rhodes and explore the vast number of opportunities that exist elsewhere.

“I talked to Alicia Fox yesterday. She wants to come down and knock some of the rust off at Reality of Wrestling and get a little bit of insight and knowledge as far as what this journey may be like that she’s getting ready to partake in.

My thing is there is so much more outside of WWE, outside of AEW, and IMPACT Wrestling. This business is plentiful. The thing is, you can be working every week somewhere in this business because that’s how much work is out there, and then to find your way back to that spot, and that spot may not be WWE. It might be IMPACT. It might be AEW. You never know. It might be Japan. You just never know.

It’s all about putting the work in more than anything, and when someone like Alicia Fox, she went straight into WWE. She didn’t do any independent shows. It’s almost like Cody Rhodes. Cody didn’t have any independent wrestling experience before he went into the WWE. Then he realized that perhaps something he needed was that worldly experience. Then he went out there and got it and look at him now. It seems like every guy that’s gone out there and done that, they have come back a better person.

Alicia, I’m not sure how much longer she plans on being in the business or anything like that, but if she’s going to stick around for a while, why not make the best of it and try to make some good money at the same time. You never know where it’s going to take you. It may take you straight to Hollywood. I’m going to try to get her into Summer of Champions.”

Cody Rhodes Looking To Slay The Beast At Night Of Champions

As Cody Rhodes tries to work his way back into World Title contention, he is set to meet Brock Lesnar at Night of Champions. The rivalry has grown increasingly violent in recent weeks, and Lesnar attacked Rhodes twice on the May 22nd edition of Raw.

Rhodes heads into the match with a (storyline) suspected broken arm, and very much on the back foot.

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