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Booker T Comments On Scarlett No Longer Appearing With Karrion Kross

Karrion Kross NXT Champion

Speaking on a recent episode of his podcast, Booker T revealed that he’s not a fan of splitting up the on-screen pairing of Scarlett and Karrion Kross.

Karrion Kross debuted on NXT in early 2020, with Scarlett by his side. In the months that followed the pair remained together as Kross won, vacated and then regained the NXT Championship.

However, when Kross made his main roster debut on Monday Night RAW he was flying solo. There has been no on-screen explanation for why Kross appeared without his valet, but he also began appearing without her on NXT. During this period Scarlett has disappeared from television altogether.

It was reported shortly after Kross debuted on RAW in defeat to Jeff Hardy that the original plan was for him to rack up a number of losses before Scarlett returned to his side.

On August 23rd Kross appeared on RAW with an intriguing new look, which featured a red mask and new entrance and ring gear. Despite the update to his presentation, he remained Scarlett-less.

While discussing Kross on his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T said that he didn’t understand why the former NXT Champion was now appearing without Scarlett.

“My consensus would be until it’s not working, we keep everything just like it is. That’s me right there. I can’t tell you man why things are done [in WWE] a certain way, I just don’t know.

“I like the Karrion Kross character, I like the Scarlett entrance man because it was so hot. This woman here, I’m tuning in. I don’t give a damn about Karrion Kross, I just want to see her. That for me is something that works.”

Booker compared the situation to a spell in his own career where he wrestled as King Booker. The WWE Hall of Famer said that having his wife ‘Queen Sharmell’ by his side, helped make his character more successful.

“King Booker would not have been King Booker without the lovely Queen Sharmell,” Booker said. “Then when they gave me King Court, Regal and Finlay, man that was such an awesome deal. To have the Trumpeters, it was like so much fun, so royal, so majestic. There again, the Karrion Kross thing with Scarlett. I would not have been a great King without all the surroundings, especially my lovely Queen Sharmell.”

After losing the NXT Championship to Samoa Joe at NXT TakeOver: 36, Karrion Kross hasn’t returned to NXT. In the weeks that have followed, the former champion has picked up decisive wins over Ricochet and Humberto Carrillo on RAW.

H/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.