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Booker T – “Christian Is The Most Underrated Wrestler I’ve Ever Been Around”

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Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Booker T has named Christian as the most underrated wrestler that he’s ever wrestled or been around.

Booker T and Christian have a long history together which began when ‘Captain Charisma’ turned heel on the World Wrestling Federation to join the WCW/ECW Alliance and continued over the ownership of the WWF Tag Team Championships when Booker and Goldust went to war with Christian and Chris Jericho.

Following a remodelling of his look and a successful leap into singles competition, Christian reignited his bad blood with Booker T at the 2003 Judgment Day in a Battle Royal to crown a new WWF Intercontinental Champion when his elimination went unseen by officials and he snuck back into the squared circle to eliminate his foe and claim the gold.

Despite the pair trading the gold over the following months, the rivalry came to an end when Christian finally regained the gold from his rival on a live event following an injury to the former WCW World Heavyweight Champion.

Now, Booker T has taken to his Hall of Fame podcast in order to name one of his greatest rivals as the most underrated wrestlers he’s ever been around or in the ring with:

“I would think that Christian is probably the most underrated wrestler that I’ve ever been around. Knowing what he can do inside the squared circle, he’s always been a top-notch worker. He’s one of the guys that—I always loved it when I saw his name by mine, whether it was a house show, TV, it didn’t make a difference. Our title feud was just so much fun coming to work because I knew I was going out there to work with Christian and we were going to have some fun. Christian is perhaps the most underrated guy, should have been World Champion many more times than he actually was.”

While the pair rarely met on WWE television in a rivalry again, they both made an appearance at the 2021 Royal Rumble when Christian made his return to the ring during the 30-Man Royal Rumble Match while Booker T was present for the musical interlude of Bad Bunny.

Booker T’s admission comes after Kurt Angle revealed that Christian was the best in-ring talent he ever worked with in his Kurt Angle Show podcast.

Credit for the interview: Hall of Fame Podcast

h/t for the transcription: WrestleZone