Booker T Blasts Modern Wrestling Trope – “Everyone Who Does That Should Be Fired”

Booker T

Booker T has shared what his biggest annoyance in wrestling currently is.

The evolution of wrestling has become an increasingly divisive topic over the past few years, with many fans being vocal on social media to express their displeasure at some aspects that are too commonly seen inside the ring.

From a lack of selling big moves to their being too much blood in certain matches, one or more aspects of the modern wrestling style have caused some fans to lose interest in the product or switch off entirely.

Booker T Disagrees With Common Wrestling Trope

Booker T, who currently serves as a commentator on NXT, is also annoyed by something frequently seen in current era wrestling matches.

Speaking with Give Me Sport, the WWE Hall of Famer has stated that wrestlers slapping their leg is the worst offence in the ring right now, and that people who do it should no longer be employed:

“I guess my pet peeve, you know, the thing that really bugs me more than anything… My hot take is everybody that does the leg slap should be fired,”

Leg slapping has become a part of wrestling matches predominantly seen on the independent scene. Wrestlers will slap their legs to make a move sound more impactful, with a Superkick being one of the more commonly used moves for this.

Along with commentary duties for NXT, Booker T is the founder of the Texas based promotion Reality of Wrestling. Former NXT Women’s Champion Roxanne Perez was trained at Reality of Wrestling before being signed to NXT. The 5 time WCW Champion has frequently shown his admiration for Perez while commentating on her matches.

The NXT commentator would show his concerns to Perez at the NXT Roadblock event, leaving the commentary table when Perez collapsed after successfully retaining the NXT Women’s Championship against Meiko Satomura.

H/t to Give Me Sport for the use of transcription.