Booker T Believes NXT Duo Will “Make A Big Splash” In WWE

Booker T WWE Hall of Fame

Two-time WWE Hall Of Famer Booker T knows a thing or two about top tag teams. Together with brother Stevie Ray the pair, known collectively as Harlem Heat, won the WCW Tag Team Championship on 10 occasions as they dominated WCW in the 1990’s.

Having also won the TNA Tag Team Championship as well as being a three time WWE Tag Team Champion, the Houston native is uniquely placed to highlight an up and coming top team and he has spoken out in praise of a current NXT duo.

Booker T sees a big future for NXT team Indus Sher

NXT tag team Indus Sher, the duo of Sanga and Veer, have been singled out by the former 5 time WCW Champion as a pair that he believes could make waves on the WWE main roster.

Speaking on his podcast The Hall Of Fame with Booker T and Brad Gilmore, he noted his appreciation for the team who have made a big impact in NXT in recent months alongside Jinder Mahal:

“I love those guys, Indus Sher. Those guys are so old school. They take me back to, Sanga and Veer, they take me back to what tag team wrestling once upon a time was and it was all about going out there and creating havoc. I think Sanga and Veer could really make a splash on the main roster. Together that’s, that’s two big gears. I don’t need to have more than that.”

One member of the team, Veer, famously featured in months of vignettes before making his main roster debut on the April 4th 2022 episode of RAW. He briefly feuded with the Mysterio’s, including picking up a singles victory over recently announced WWE Hall Of Famer Rey Mysterio, but the run fizzled out he re-emerged in NXT on 4th October 2022.

Booker T, however, does not believe that it was a lack of talent of Veer’s behalf, instead focusing on the less than ideal build to his debut:

“The build up, it was way too long because we’ve already seen him before. We had already seen Veer, so it wasn’t like, and when we saw him the next time, it wasn’t like he was repackaged, he was the same guy.”

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