Booker T Believes Grayson Waller Can Be WWE’s Next The Miz

Booker T Believes Grayson Waller Can Be WWE's Next The Miz

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T has praised Grayson Waller’s promo ability and compared him to the likes of The Miz.

In recent times, Grayson Waller has found himself in the spotlight, being placed in several prominent positions within WWE. From wrestling legends like Edge to being involved in a high-profile promo segment with John Cena at Money in the Bank, Waller’s star has been on the rise.

This attention hasn’t gone unnoticed, and during a recent episode of his Hall Of Fame radio show, Booker T drew comparisons between Waller and a young version of The Miz.

Booker, a five-time WCW Champion had the opportunity to witness Waller’s rise first-hand during his time on the black and gold brand. This first-hand experience is why Booker isn’t surprised by the opportunities that Waller has been given. He believes that Waller has made the most of these opportunities and has handled the pressure that comes with them remarkably well. Booker said:

I said he’s mature enough to make it on the main roster, I thought he fit right in on the main roster, I’m not surprised that they’re positioning him this way … Going out there and doing the stuff with Edge, he did a great job, his talking, the way he carries himself, he’s doing a great job. I see nothing wrong that Grayson Waller’s doing thus far.

Furthermore, Booker suggests that Waller’s chances and exposure wouldn’t have been possible without the support and faith of seasoned talents like Edge and John Cena. The fact that these established stars are willing to share the ring with Waller speaks volumes about the potential they see in him.

Is Booker T Still With WWE?

Booker T is still signed to WWE where he works as a commentator on NXT, Booker also appears on kick-off panels for the company’s premium live events.

Booker also owns and operates his own wrestling school and promotion out of Texas called Reality of Wrestling. ROW recently ran its Summer of Champions show in the Humble Civic Centre, featuring NXT’s Trick Williams, Alicia Fox and the in-ring debut of the late Umaga’s son, Zilla Fatu.

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