Booker T Believes Edge Doesn’t Match Up To Roman Reigns

Booker T

Booker T believes that Roman Reigns is a beast, ‘the guy’ and reveals that he thinks Edge just doesn’t match up to him.

Speaking on his Hall of Fame Podcast alongside Brad Gilmore, Booker outlines the differences in the two men, two fighters from vastly different eras in wrestling.

One thing you got to look at is this guy [Edge] is coming from a whole totally different era. This is not just two guys who haven’t worked with each other, been in the ring with each other, it’s two guys coming from two totally different eras.

This is Edge’s, probably third era he’s gotten a chance to work with. So, it’s definitely one of those things where I remember feeling that way saying man, I’ve worked with 3 different generations of wrestlers that have come along. I understand exactly where Edge is right now.

Truthfully speaking, Booker cannot see past a Roman Reigns victory on the night, explaining why he believes that Edge just can’t match up to the ‘Head of the Table’.

It’s going to be a hard road to hold up, as far as going out there and actually matching up because honestly he doesn’t match up with Roman. Roman is a beast man. Roman has proved that he is truly the guy.

I really feel that way. Not just because he said it, but because the guy is a top notch worker, a top notch entertainer, performer. He knows the play book, he knows what Shakespeare is all about.

That’s why everybody right now, come on man, all eyes on Roman.

Just two years ago, everybody had no love for this guy. So obviously he knows what he’s doing and obviously he knew what he was doing back then.

Maybe people wanted something before they were ready to actually give it to him. Right now Roman is truly the guy and I’m looking forward to it.

Booker is right, all odds point to a Reigns victory, but nothing is ever as smooth sailing as the favourites winning in the WWE.

So as far as a prediction for the match at Mania, Booker hasn’t ruled out an Edge victory, the ‘Cinderella Story’ writes itself. But he’s also quick to mention that sometimes WWE doesn’t give the fans those moments.

If I had to bet money on it, it would be a great feel good story if Edge went out there and pulled it off.

After retirement, coming back, almost looking like he had to perhaps go back into retirement from getting injured again, come back, wins the Rumble, going to WrestleMania, take on Roman, wins.

Cinderella story. Of course, everybody would love to see it but normally the story doesn’t turn out that way in the end in the WWE. I’m looking to see how this thing plays out, hopefully the people will get what they want but a lot of people may want to see Roman.

WrestleMania 37 takes place Saturday, April 10th and Sunday, April 11th. The Edge vs. Reigns Universal Championship match is the only concrete bout on the card, but with the Fast Lane PPV coming up, the card is likely to start taking shape real soon.