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Booker T Addresses Idea Austin Theory Could Be The Next John Cena

Austin Theory & Vince McMahon

Booker T has given his opinion on recent reports that suggested that Vince McMahon sees Austin Theory as a “young John Cena.”

The names of John Cena and Theory have become linked with serious regularity in recent days, as the latter climbs the WWE ladder.

The young star recently won the United States Championship after defeating Finn Balor on Monday Night Raw. The win marks the first time that Theory has held championship gold on the main roster. In an interesting note, the title is also the first WWE championship that Cena won back in 2004.

After his victory, Theory sent a message to Cena on social media to celebrate the legend’s birthday, adding he was sorry for being a better United States Champion than he was. For his part, Cena responded saying the young star has more talent than he ever did.

This exchange took place around the time that a new report emerged suggesting that Vince McMahon sees the new champion as a “young John Cena.”

Speaking on his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T addressed the comparisons, explaining that Theory ticks every box as well as being a star of the future is concerned.

“I’m not surprised [on reports that Theory could be the next John Cena] at all. I could see pretty much the layout of the land as far as which guys are going to be moving up, which guys are going to be used to move certain guys up. Theory, he’s young, he’s got a look about himself, when he goes in the ring his performance is on point. He checks off every box, for me, as far as a guy that can get to the next level.”

Expanding further, Booker said that Cena very rarely made mistakes in the ring, something Theory will also have to do if he is to hit similar heights.

“We don’t remember a whole lot of flops from John Cena. You’re not going to remember a whole lot of bloopers in John Cena’s reel. You’re not going to see it – maybe any. That’s where the test begins with Theory and I think it’s a test he’s going to pass.”

Theory signed with WWE in the summer of 2019 initially appearing in NXT. Although the star quickly moved to Raw where he formed part of a faction alongside Seth Rollins. However, he later returned to NXT and joined The Way.

The young star remained in NXT until October 2021 when he was drafted to Raw, later appearing as Vince McMahon’s on-screen protégé.

H/t to Sportskeeda for the transcription.