Booker T On If AEW Is Similar To WCW In Its Dying Days

Booker T

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T has discussed if he sees any similarities between AEW today and the dying days of his former company, WCW.

Booker T made his name throughout the nineties in World Championship Wrestling where he began by dominating the tag team scene with his brother as Harlem Heat. Later on in his run, Booker went solo and captured the WCW World Championship four times before famously adding a fifth reign when he joined WWE after WCW’s demise in 2001.

AEW has currently been through a string of controversies with CM Punk calling out several stars at the post-All Out media scrum leading to a backstage fight and numerous suspensions.

Speaking to Wrestling Inc. Booker T was asked if he sees any similarities between the current situation in AEW and the dysfunction that plagued WCW in its dying days:

“Not at all. Totally different. Our last days at WCW, you could see the writing on the wall that the plug had been pulled. We were just waiting on the doctors to come tell everybody it’s over, you know what I mean? Right now, Tony Khan still got a whole lot of money. He’s invested, he’s all in, no pun intended, with this company. And I think he’s going to do everything he possibly can to make this thing work.”

“I wouldn’t even think Tony Khan is going to even start thinking about anything other than making this thing successful. If he gets to that five-year mark and things not working out, he might start thinking then.”

Former WCW President Eric Bischoff has also recently offered AEW boss Tony Khan advice, suggesting who Khan should lean on during this turbulent time for his company.